Horror classic It Follows to get a sequel called They Follow

Halloween may be over but Cineworld's Horror Season rumbles on. And if you're in the mood for some scares, how about this: cult classic It Follows is getting a sequel called They Follow. Already, we're looking over our shoulder and scoping out that mystery individual slowly making their way toward us...

Released in 2015, It Follows honed the spirit of John Carpenter to tell the tale of a sexually transmitted curse. Maika Monroe plays the suburban teenager who after a night of congress finds that a deadly spirit is now attached to her. It can take the form of anyone and it won't stop until she's dead, unless she knowingly passes the curse on.

It Follows was directed to great acclaim by David Robert Mitchell who honed the essence of Carpenter's prowling camerawork, coupling it with a nerve-jangling synth score from Disasterpace. In the process, Mitchell fashioned a loving throwback to classic chillers. The movie was a great success with critics and audiences, ultimately grossing $15 million against a $1 million budget.

The sequel They Follow was announced on Instagram. Both Mitchell and Monroe are back and filming is set to begin in 2024 although we don't have many more details at present. Judging from the film's title, we imagine the dreaded curse becomes ever more pervasive and devious in its quest to target victims, maybe manifesting in multiple bodies. The chilling tagline 'It's everywhere' also aligns with that theory.


There's no concrete release date yet but we'll bring you more details in due course. For now, satisfy those cravings with one of the most terrifying scenes from It Follows.