“It’s very emotional”: Jessica Chastain talks Interstellar and working with Christopher Nolan

"I can’t say ANYTHING," says Jessica Chastain about her forthcoming film Interstellar.

Well, hardly anything.

Many details of the film remain under wraps, despite the release of a full-length trailer that still manages not to give much away. But talking to Vulture, Chastain offered us a few details about what it was like working with Christopher Nolan, and what the film means to her.

What the actor could talk about was the pressure of working for such an acclaimed director. "Christopher Nolan is the kind of person you NEVER want to disappoint. Not because he’s mean, but just because, you know, if your dad ever said to you, ‘I’m really disappointed in you.’ That kind of thing… You’d be like, ‘I’ve ruined everything!’"

The Internet has revealed that Chastain plays the grown-up daughter of Matthew McConaughey’s character in the film. However, nothing else is especially clear, apart from the fact that it looks pretty awesome.

"To me it’s a beautiful film because it’s a metaphor, too," she says of the epic-looking sci-fi extravaganza. "There’s more than just outer space. It’s very emotional."

It’s not just the actors but also the fans that are in awe of the director, who is becoming something of a legend in his own time. "There are Christopher Nolan fans out there who don’t even like to watch the trailer," Chastain says. “They like to walk in completely free of it.”

The actress says there are similarities between Nolan and fellow director Terrence Malick, who directed her in Tree of Life.

“Definitely in terms of their brilliance,” she thinks. “I would ask Christopher a question about, like, time-space continuum, and then he just talks about science!... His brain works in a different way, and Terrence Malick is that way, too. He’s a very intelligent person.”

We’re trying not to wish our lives away until Interstellar is released on 7th November. What do you make of the trailer – maybe we’re missing something?! Check it out below and tell us in the comments...