Jordan Peele's new movie is set for Christmas 2024

In the course of just three movies, writer-director Jordan Peele has cemented himself as a contemporary horror master. The comedian-turned-filmmaker has carved out a uniquely satirical brand of socially conscious meta-horror where we're often squirming about uncomfortable human realities at the same time we're cowering from apparent supernatural threats. And yet Peele also has the ability to make us laugh at all of it.

Peele's movies are evidently, deliberately, contradictory experiences, putting us through a maelstrom of emotions. The racially charged Get Out, for which Peele won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, the class-conscious Us and the alien-invasion spectacle Nope all bear that out. So, are you ready for more from this singular and exciting helmsman?

Of course, you are. It's been confirmed that Jordan Peele's new movie will hit us during Christmas 2024, and this immediately has us speculating. Might he be about to launch into a festive-themed chiller? Given Peele's cine-literate heritage and comic background, might he sculpt something of an homage to Joe Dante's anarchic Gremlins, the uber-Christmas comedy-horror?

It is, naturally, far too early to say at this stage. Peele's regular distributor Universal has confirmed the Christmas Day 2024 release date (at least, in the USA), but no more details are forthcoming yet. Stay tuned to the blog for more.