M3GAN takes over Cineworld Twitter

New horror icon M3GAN has become the primary user on Cineworld (sorry, make that, CIN3WORLD) Twitter. She's been taking over our social media accounts to celebrate her arrival on the big screen.

Have you seen what she's been posting? Here are some brilliantly creepy examples, starting with a special message for Cineworld Unlimited members.


M3GAN was also unhappy at being left out of the TÁR premiere – uh oh! 


A whole host of M3GANs gatecrashed Cineworld Starbucks in style – as you can see, they've got the moves.


M3GAN has an important message about taking your Yoti ID to her 15-rated movie, which promises to scare up a storm and blow away those new year cobwebs.

Lastly, M3GAN wants to know what you thought of her movie. Remember, nice responses only – or else!

Are you ready to meet the next big name in horror? Then click here to book your tickets for M3GAN, on release now at Cineworld.