Meet the real-life historian behind The Lost King in this fascinating video

The Lost King dramatises the rousing true story of a remarkable archaeological find. Director Stephen Frears reunites with his Philomena writer Steve Coogan to explore the unearthing of controversial British monarch Richard III from beneath a Leicester car park.

Oscar nominee Sally Hawkins plays Philippa Langley, the amateur real-life historian who made the discovery. In the movie, we see Philippa working against the force of the historical establishment, rallying whatever resources she can muster to discover Richard III's final resting place. It comes centuries after his reputation was tarnished by Shakespeare's villainous depiction in his play of the same name.

Coogan co-stars as Philippa's supportive husband and the movie's whimsical tone is ably marshalled by veteran filmmaker Frears, whose celebrated back catalogue also includes Nick Hornby adaptation High Fidelity and the Oscar-winning The Queen.

Ahead of tonight's Unlimited screening of The Lost King, here's a fun video that takes you behind the scenes with the real Philippa Langley. She explains how she was able to point the way toward Richard III's gravesite, giving rise to one of the greatest historical finds in recent British history.


The Lost King is released on 7 October. Check out the trailer and let us know if you will be attending tonight's Unlimited screening.