A Taylor Swift super-fan on why you should see Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour on the big screen

Still recovering from the cruel summer of disappointment? You know what I'm talking about: failing to get a ticket for the UK leg of the Taylor Swift Eras Tour. Believe me, I feel your pain.

However, it's time to breathe a deep, Sad Girl Autumn sigh of relief because Cineworld is showing Taylor's spectacular cultural event on the big screen. And this is exactly how I'll be seeing Taylor's magnum opus, making amends and then some for this summer's catastrophic ticket calamity. 

Did you manage to book your Cineworld tickets? (Perhaps you’ve also booked to see it twice at Cineworld and have planned two different outfits for your two favourite eras…?)

Whether you're a Swiftie or not (FYI, for the uninitiated, a 'Swiftie' is a Taylor Swift super-fan), this feels like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. So, if you haven’t booked your tickets yet, what are you waiting for? Keep on reading for all the added incentives you need.


It’s an affordable and accessible front-row experience

For many of us, our wildest dreams of seeing Taylor in person were dashed. That's because only the most expensive seats remained by the time we made it onto the booking website. (Maybe it’s cheaper to go and see her in a different country!? was a misguided thought I had late one night while refreshing ticket websites.)

But now we get to see the worldwide phenomenon that’s been dominating our social feeds, and we get to enjoy it from a comfy seat at our nearest Cineworld, without the need to travel to an arena. 

The film will be in enchanting high definition, on a huge screen.

At Cineworld, we’ll have a front-row view of the nearly three-hour film while Taylor takes us on a rollercoaster ride through her 10 eras, with all the accompanying outfit changes. It remains to be seen which tracks will be selected from the three nights of her LA shows that were recorded for this film. Fans have been speculating about these mystery songs and they'll no doubt be a surprise for us cinemagoers as well.

Can we expect to be wrapped up like a scarf in the 10-minute version of All Too Well (Taylor’s Version) in multidimensional surround sound? And will we be able to stop ourselves from singing along, recreating the friendly atmosphere and Swiftie community that her concerts are known for?

Whichever era you are most connected with (folklore, sub-vibe: the long pond studio sessions, thanks for asking), some Taylor cosplay is strongly encouraged, along with the friendship bracelets that fans famously exchange with each other at her shows. Why not turn to the person in the cinema seat next to you and see if they want to trade?


You can claim official Taylor Swift merchandise at your Cineworld

During Taylor’s US tour, it reportedly took longer to get a t-shirt than it did to watch the concert. I’ll be picking up my official merchandise to keep forever – so I can say: I was there, and it was rare.

And the word is in on the official merch. You can pick up your very own Taylor Swift-branded popcorn bucket to commemorate this special occasion – and to store all your friendship bracelets in when you get home.


Upgrade your Eras Tour experience to IMAX

What’s better than seeing Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour on a cinema screen? Seeing her shimmer in fully immersive IMAX at Cineworld. If you want to feel like you’re in her multi-award-winning video for Anti-Hero, as a giant Taylor towers over you, this is the only logical way to go.

IMAX utlises a greatly expanded aspect ratio, which fuses with a bold remastering process, dual projection and perfectly tuned surround sound. Can you possibly imagine experiencing greater dimensions of Taylor, her music and her costumes? Well, imagine no more – this is the awesome reality headed to a Cineworld near you very soon.

If you want an in-depth look at how IMAX will embolden the Eras Tour experience, watch the following clip.


Grab all of your favourite Cineworld snacks before the concert starts

It's much easier to purchase your favourite treats in a cinema as opposed to joining a massive queue in an arena. Which snacks will you take into your Taylor Swift screening? (Aside from those inside your Taylor Swift popcorn bucket of course!)


Book your Cineworld tickets right now

The time has come and Swifties, myself included, have a date with destiny. Click the link below to book your tickets for Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour. It opens at Cineworld on October 13th.