Melissa McCarthy premieres Can You Ever Forgive Me? at Cineworld Leicester Square

As part of this year's BFI London Film Festival In Partnership with American Express, we were delighted to host the premiere of Can You Ever Forgive Me? at Cineworld Leicester Square.

Stars Melissa McCarthy and Richard E. Grant were in attendance to talk about the film, which is based on the remarkable true story of Lee Israel. A biographer fallen on hard times, Israel (played by McCarthy in the film) turns to deception, and finds her profile boosted when she starts faking celebrity bestsellers.

McCarthy and Grant have received much acclaim for their roles and there's talk of possible Oscars, too. Check out the Leicester Square highlights reel below and find out more about the intriguing new drama.

Can You Ever Forgive Me? is released in Cineworld on 1st February 2019, so check out the trailer below and tweet us @Cineworld with your thoughts on its Oscar chances.