Moonfall: how will you experience the movie in Cineworld?

The Earth is in mortal danger in the all-action disaster spectacular Moonfall. The director of Independence Day, Roland Emmerich, shows us what happens when the moon's orbit goes haywire and causes our planet to go into meltdown. Luckily, Patrick Wilson, Halle Berry and John Bradley are on a course to save the day, replete with plenty of daredevil escapes and outer-space peril.

Moonfall screens in Cineworld in a variety of exciting viewing formats, so which of the following will you choose from?


1. 4DX

Moving seats and atmospheric effects bring the Moonfall experience to life, so if you've ever wanted to feel like you're behind the controls of a space shuttle hurtling through deep space, now's your chance.

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Emmerich's films always put a handsome visual spin on apocalyptic disaster scenarios, so be engulfed with the expansive screen curvature and immersive sound dimensions of IMAX.

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3. Superscreen 

Upgrade from the standard widescreen presentation to Superscreen, which uses a larger screen size and sharp surround sound to invest more life into the Moonfall experience.

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4. ViP

Make an evening of it by attending Moonfall at one of our selected Cineworld ViP cinemas, complete with a deluxe lounge, luxury seating, drinks and snacks.

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