New movie release dates: everything you need to know (newly updated)

Stuck in limbo awaiting the arrival of your favourite films? Well, we've rounded up all the new blockbuster release dates in one place.

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Stretching from 2023 to 2031, here's how your movie calendar is shaping up. (The following dates are subject to regular changes owing to the shifting release schedule. UK and Ireland release dates are accurate at the time of publication, as per the Film Distributors' Association. Certain dates indicate US releasing where UK has not yet been confirmed.)

  • 2nd February 2024 – Migration
  • 2nd February 2024 – Argylle
  • 14th February 2024 – Bob Marley: One Love
  • 14th February 2024 – Madame Web
  • 1st March 2024 – Dune: Part II
  • 28th March 2024 – Kung Fu Panda 4
  • 29th March 2024 – Mickey 17
  • 29th March 2024 – Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire
  • 12th April 2024 – Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire
  • 26th April 2024 – Challengers
  • 26th April 2024 – Civil War
  • 2nd May 2024 – The Fall Guy
  • 24th May 2024 – Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes
  • 24th May 2024 – The Garfield Movie
  • 24th May 2024 – Furiosa
  • 24th May 2024 – IF
  • 7th June 2024 – Ballerina
  • 14th June 2024 – Inside Out 2
  • 21st June 2024 – The Bikeriders
  • 28th June 2024 – A Quiet Place: Day One
  • 3rd July 2024 – Despicable Me 4
  • 26th July 2024 – Deadpool 3
  • 16th August 2024 – Untitled Alien movie
  • 30th August 2024 – Kraven the Hunter
  • 6th September 2024 – Beetlejuice 2
  • 27th September 2024 – Saw IX
  • 4th October 2024 – Joker: Folie a Deux
  • 18th October 2024 – Transformers One
  • 18th October 2024 – Smile 2
  • 8th November 2024 – Paddington in Peru
  • 8th November 2024 – Venom 2
  • 22nd November 2024 – Gladiator 2
  • 29th November 2024 – Wicked
  • 13th December 2024 – Lord of the Rings: War of the Rohirrim
  • 20th December 2024 – Sonic the Hedgehog 3
  • 20th December 2024 – Mufasa: The Lion King
  • 14th February 2025 – Captain America: Brave New World
  • 2nd May 2025 – Fantastic Four
  • 23rd May 2025 – Mission: Impossible 8
  • 27th June 2025 – Moana live-action remake
  • 25th July 2025 – Thunderbolts
  • 7th November 2025 – Blade
  • 19th December 2025 – Avatar 3
  • 1st May 2026 – Avengers: The Kang Dynasty
  • 22nd May 2026 – Untitled Star Wars movie
  • 18th December 2026 – Untitled Star Wars movie
  • 7th May 2027 – Avengers: Secret Wars
  • 17th December 2027 – Untitled Star Wars movie
  • 21st December 2029 – Avatar 4
  • 19th December 2031 – Avatar 5

And here's a breakdown of each movie in greater detail.


1. Migration

Illumination, the animation specialists behind the Despicable Me and Minions blockbusters, present this uplifting tale of the Mallard family who embark on a life-changing migration from chilly New England to tropical Jamaica. Kumail Nanjiani, Elizabeth Banks and Awkwafina head up the all-star voice cast while animation expert John Powell (How to Train Your Dragon) is at the helm of the soundtrack.

2. Argylle

Kingsman and Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn unleashes another riotous blend of violent action and sly meta-comedy. Bryce Dallas Howard plays an isolated spy novelist who is astonished to learn that her fictional works anticipate and influence real-world spy shenanigans. Henry Cavill, Sam Rockwell, Bryan Cranston and Samuel L. Jackson make up the heavyweight supporting cast.


3. Bob Marley: One Love

One Night in Miami star Kingsley Ben Adir transforms into reggae icon Bob Marley for this sweeping account of Marley's trailblazing career. Discover how Marley rose to fame, helped introduce a global audience to reggae and spread his message of compassion and empathy.


4. Madame Web

Fifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson portrays superhero Madame Web in the latest instalment of the Sony Spider-Man Universe (let's call it the SSMU for short). This is the collective of Marvel superheroes that run in tangent with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), meaning that Madame Web is about to join the likes of Venom and Morbius.

5. Dune: Part Two

Denis Villeneuve's staggering two-part adaptation of Frank Herbert's classic novel reaches its dramatic conclusion. Timotheé Chalamet's tenacious Paul Atreides must reckon with the villainous Harkonnens as the likes of Austin Butler, Florence Pugh and Christopher Walken join the teeming ensemble.

6. Kung Fu Panda 4

Jack Black's loveably goofy Po returns to the big screen for the first time in eight years. As we know by now, Black's pudgy yet perceptive hero is not to be underestimated and this time he must leave the Valley of Peace for the city, where he has to face The Chameleon, a villain who can summon enemies from Po's past. 

7. Mickey 17

Bong Joon-ho, the celebrated, Oscar-winning director of Parasite, is back with his second English-language feature. Robert Pattinson leads the all-star cast of this paranoid sci-fi thriller, adapted from Edward Ashton's book Mickey7, about a human clone that is sent to colonise a remote ice-bound planet.


8. Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

There's something strange in the neighbourhood (again) in this spooky continuation of the Ghostbusters mythology. Mckenna Grace and Finn Wolfhard's teen Ghostbusters are now back in New York where they're confronted with a paranormal deep freeze that kills everyone in its path. Who ya gonna call? The OG Ghostbusters crew of course, which facilitates fan-pleasing appearances from Bill Murray and Ernie Hudson. It's time to return to the firehouse and charge up Ecto-1 to put those pesky spirits back where they belong.

9. Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

In the latest instalment of the Warner Bros/Legendary Pictures 'MonsterVerse' franchise, Titan behemoths and iconic movie monsters Godzilla and King Kong are pitted against a deadly new cosmic enemy. Godzilla vs Kong director Adam Wingard returns and is no doubt promising jaw-dropping levels of monster-on-monster action.

10. Challengers

Zendaya stars in this steamy tennis-themed drama from Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino about the on-court and off-court tensions between three talented sports stars. Josh O'Connor and Mike Faist co-star.


11. Civil War

Ex-Machina, Annihilation and Men filmmaker Alex Garland delivers another provocative slice of the dystopian future. Civil War takes place within an America that has collapsed, following a group of people attempting to make their way through the socio-political wreckage. Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons star.


12. The Fall Guy

Who can resist Ryan Gosling? Who can resist Emily Blunt? Put the two of them together in the new movie from Bullet Train director David Leitch, and you're bound to get sparks. Gosling plays a hapless movie stuntman who becomes embroiled in off-camera danger and finds himself hopelessly out of his depth. 

13. Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes

Back in 2017, we bid farewell to Andy Serkis' genetically enhanced super-simian Caesar. His legacy now lives on through his son Cornelius (played via performance capture by Owen Teague) who now embarks on an epic quest to keep his late father's ape tribe together in the face of growing hostility and dissension. The Maze Runner's Wes Ball directs.

14. The Garfield Movie

Pop culture's most famous feline is back on our screens and voiced by the ubiquitous Chris Pratt. Don't be lazy like Garfield – get down to Cineworld to enjoy the Monday-hating moggy's new adventure. After an unexpected reunion with his long-lost father - scruffy street cat Vic (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson) - Garfield and his canine friend Odie are forced from their perfectly pampered life into joining Vic in a hilarious, high-stakes heist.

15. Furiosa

In Mad Max: Fury Road, we were enraptured by Charlize Theron's steely portrayal of war rig operator Imperator Furiosa. We now get to discover where she came from in director George Miller's sure-to-be-spectacular origin story. Anya Taylor-Joy portrays the younger Furiosa and Chris Hemsworth plays her nemesis.

16. IF

Director John Krasinski swaps the chills of A Quiet Place for a decidedly more family-friendly adventure in this original fantasy property that he has scripted himself. A constellation of stars is set to feature both physically and vocally including Krasinski himself, Ryan Reynolds, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Matt Damon, Steve Carell, Emily Blunt and Sam Rockwell. Reynolds plays a hapless dad who helps his daughter connect with the world of the IFs – the imaginary friends who have been cast out by their one-time childhood pals.

17. Ballerina

Keanu Reeves has stormed his way through four bone-breaking John Wick movies. The success of the hard-hitting action franchise now results in a spin-off movie, Ballerina, starring No Time To Die scene-stealer Ana De Armas. She plays a lone assassin seeking revenge for the death of her family, and we can expect appearances from John Wick stalwarts Reeves, Ian McShane and the late Lance Reddick.


18. Inside Out 2

Disney-Pixar's Inside Out sent our emotions into overdrive and secured itself as an Oscar-winning animated masterpiece. The movie personified a young girl's emotions in the form of Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust, making a profound comment about growing pains without ever sacrificing the need for a grand adventure in the classic Pixar mold. Our favourite characters now return, led as before by Amy Poehler's effervescent Joy – only this time, emotional HQ is set to be disrupted by the arrival of Maya Hawke's character Anxiety...

19. The Bikeriders

Mud director Jeff Nichols adapts Danny Lyon's photobook The Bikeriders to fashion an atmospheric ode to the 1960s American biker culture. Austin Butler, Tom Hardy and Jodie Comer make up the excellent cast.

20. A Quiet Place: Day One

Discover the origins of the dreaded, hearing-sensitive monsters in this prequel to the hit A Quiet Place series. Pig filmmaker Michael Sarnoski steers an excellent cast led by Lupita Nyong'o while series staples Millicent Simmonds and Djimon Hounsou make appearances. Series instigator John Krasinski takes a story and producing credit.

21. Despicable Me 4

Cinema's most loveable super-villain Gru and his ever-present Minions are back to create more hilarious chaos. The Despicable Me films, and their associated Minions spin-offs, have cemented their place as some of the biggest family movies of all time. And now the fourth Despicable Me is tasked with picking up the mantle. Voice actor Steve Carell is promising Gru's wildest adventure yet and several other franchise favourites are set to return including Kristen Wiig and Steve Coogan.


22. Deadpool 3

If you thought Hugh Jackman's Wolverine was done after the tragic events of 2017's Logan, think again. The adamantium superhero now pairs with Ryan Gosling's mouthy Deadpool in a movie that will no doubt riff on the two stars' bickering social media rivalry.


23. Untitled Alien movie

The Alien franchise continues to exert a powerful influence over modern horror cinema. In the wake of Ridley Scott's Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, both of which acted as prequels to Scott's 1979 masterpiece, we now return to the world of the xenomorphs. The team behind the suspenseful Don't Breathe movies, comprising director Fede Álvarez and scriptwriter Rodo Sayagues, is now at the helm.


24. Kraven the Hunter

Delayed from its original 2023 release date, Kraven the Hunter will introduce another SSMU anti-hero. Aaron Taylor-Johnson, a superhero veteran from the likes of Kick-Ass, will play the titular Kraven, a Russian big game hunter turned nemesis of Spider-Man whose tactical awareness and super-human strength make him an important member of the Sinister Six villain's collective.

25. Beetlejuice 2

Tim Burton put himself on the map with the delightfully manic and morbid comedy-horror Beetlejuice. Released in 1988, it unleashed 'the ghost with the most': Michael Keaton's titular bio-exorcist who helps newly undeads Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis scare a family of yuppies out of their former abode. Keaton shot to fame off the back of his hilarious central performance and he now returns to the role.


26. Saw IX

Tobin Bell returns as psychotic mastermind Jigsaw/John Kramer in the eleventh instalment of the gore-soaked Saw series. Saw X was acclaimed for taking us back to Kramer's origins as it filled in the gaps between Saw and Saw II. Now, we're getting another helping of limb-lopping madness.


27. Joker: Folie a Deux

Back in 2019, the controversial Joker movie stormed the box office as it reimagined the Clown Prince of Crime's origins by way of Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver. The film won an Oscar for Joaquin Phoenix's intense and mercurial portrayal of damaged clown turned super-villain Arthur Fleck and it culminated in his incarceration at Arkham Asylum. The Joker sequel sows the seeds of Joker's twisted, symbiotic relationship with psychotherapist-turned-lover Harley Quinn, played here by Lady Gaga. The latter's presence is set to transfigure the new Joker movie into a singular and memorable musical, the likes of which we likely haven't seen before. 


28. Transformers One

Discover how a young Optimus Prime and Megatron first met in this animated Transformers origin story from Toy Story 4 director Josh Cooley. Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Brian Tyree Henry, Jon Hamm and Laurence Fishburne make up the starry voice cast.


29. Smile 2

Released in 2022, horror-chiller Smile proved to be a surprise sleeper hit. Written and directed by Parker Finn, it wove the tale of a hideous curse that manifests in the form of a demonic rictus grin. It was a simple yet bone-chilling idea that worked like a charm at the box office. Finn is expected to return and helm the sequel, which will hopefully prove to be even more petrifying than the original.


30. Paddington in Peru

The Paddington movies carry the delicious tang of a marmalade sandwich, sweet and somehow spicy in equal measure. The previous two movies, helmed by director Paul King, adapted Michael Bond's original stories with a startlingly assured touch, beautifully melding whimsy, humour and an array of memorably scene-stealing performances, notably Hugh Grant's villainous Phoenix Buchanan. King has stepped aside for the third Paddington movie, which takes Ben Whishaw's well-meaning ursine back to his home country for another adventure that's sure to be laden with laughs and pathos. 


31. Venom 3

As mentioned, we'll be getting a sequel to 2021's Venom sequel Let There Be Carnage. The previous film's director Andy Serkis is out, replaced by Saving Mr Banks screenwriter Kelly Marcel who both helms and takes on scripting duties. Tom Hardy's bifurcated Eddie Brock will no doubt still struggle to balance his paltry journalistic career with the invasive, growling and mischievous Venom symbiote that has now permanently taken root in his body. The strong supporting cast includes Michelle Williams, returning from the previous movies and now established as She-Venom, Juno Temple and Chiwetel Ejiofor.


32. Gladiator 2

Were you not sufficiently entertained by Ridley Scott's Oscar-winning Roman epic Gladiator? Well, we're about to return to the gladiatorial arena as we pick up with the older Lucius (Paul Mescal), the boy who bore witness to the tragic yet inspiring death of Maximus (Russell Crowe) in the previous movie. Connie Nielsen returns as Lucius' mother Lucilla and she's joined by Denzel Washington, Pedro Pascal and Fred Hechinger.


33. Wicked

We've been waiting a long time for stage phenomenon Wicked to make it to the big screen. Now it's finally happened, and it's going to be a two-part extravaganza (part two is due to arrive in 2025). Discover how the Wicked Witch of the West came to be as her origin story plays out to the memorable show tunes devised by noted composer and lyricist Stephen Schwartz. Cynthia Erivo is Elphaba Thropp, the woman destined to become the Wicked Witch of the West. Ariana Grande plays Galinda Upland, Jonathan Bailey plays Fiyero Tigelaar, Michelle Yeoh plays Madame Morrible and Jeff Goldblum as the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Can you imagine a more perfect piece of casting?


34. Lord of the Rings: War of the Rohirrim

Set 183 years before the events of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, The War of the Rohirrim tells the story of Helm Hammerhand, a legendary King of Rohan who must defend against an army of Dunlendings. This animated Lord of the Rings spin-off boasts a strong voice cast including Succession's Brian Cox. Miranda Otto, meanwhile, returns to voice the brave Éowyn.


35. Sonic the Hedgehog 3

The two Sonic movies have been a blur of fan-pleasing references and quick-fire humour from actor Jim Carrey. The Sega icon is now back for third helpings, once again voiced by Ben Schwartz and once again battling Carrey's maniacal Doctor Robotnik.


36. Mufasa: The Lion King

Discover the origins of Simba's father Mufasa in this live-action/CG prequel to the studio's 2019 reboot of The Lion King. Acclaimed filmmaker Barry Jenkins (Moonlight; If Beale Street Could Talk) dramatises the initial conflict between noble Mufasa (voiced by Aaron Pierre) and his scheming brother Scar (Kelvin Harrison Jr) and how it set the stage for the ultimate Pride Rock battle many years later between Simba and his nefarious uncle.


37. Captain America: Brave New World


38. Blade


39. Fantastic Four


40. Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part Two

Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt continues his search for the all-powerful A.I. known as the entity in the sequel to the breathless Dead Reckoning - Part One. How will Cruise and writer-director Christopher McQuarrie top the awesome and vertiginous train climax from the previous movie? We'll soon find out.


41. Moana live-action remake


42. Thunderbolts

43. Blade

44. Avatar 3

45. Avengers: The Kang Dynasty

46. Untitled Star Wars movie

47. Untitled Star Wars movie

48. Avengers: Secret Wars

49. Untitled Star Wars movie

50. Avatar 4

51. Avatar 5


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