Oppenheimer: book your tickets including premium IMAX and Superscreen formats

The clock is ticking down to Christopher Nolan's explosive new thriller Oppenheimer, and you can now book your Cineworld tickets for both standard and premium format engagements.

The Dark Knight and Dunkirk helmer Nolan unleashes the epochal true story of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb, and the man who sent the 20th century hurtling in a new, altogether more terrifying, direction. Cillian Murphy leads the cast as Oppenheimer and he's backed by the likes of Emily Blunt, Matt Damon and Robert Downey Jr.

Ambitious in its scope, splitting its aesthetic between colour and black and white, and with a truly stellar all-star cast, the movie marks the return of a true cinematic auteur. Few contemporary directors exploit the majesty of the big screen quite like Nolan does, and such an occasion demands the premium format experience at Cineworld.

Want to upgrade to more than a standard widescreen presentation? Scroll down to discover Oppenheimer in premium formats at Cineworld.



Nolan has done more to propagate the scale and wonder of IMAX than most other modern-day directors. He started off by filming specific sequences in the IMAX format (beginning in 2008 with The Dark Knight's opening bank robbery scene) and then ambitiously progressed to lensing entire movies with IMAX cameras.

The likes of Interstellar and Dunkirk have been distinguished by their level of IMAX expanse. IMAX deploys a unique and massively more expansive aspect ratio (1.90:1 versus anamorphic widescreen's 2.39:1), which enhances the grandiosity of Nolan's vision. This famously includes an aversion to CGI, replaced by a desire to capture everything practically in-camera.

Oppenheimer doesn't let the side down. Nolan and his effects crew famously restaged the atomic Trinity Test for real, and it's surely the kind of sequence for which IMAX was created. In addition, the format's remastering process enlists dual projection and perfectly tuned surround sound, ensuring Nolan vividly pulls you into the story of a fiery 20th-century sea change that inverted the very concept of modern warfare.

Find out more about Nolan's unique IMAX filmmaking process in the following clip.




A conventional widescreen projection simply won't do when it comes to Oppenheimer. Honour both the scale of Nolan's new movie and his formidable cinematic lineage by experiencing Oppenheimer in Superscreen.

Every movie feels like a masterpiece in Superscreen. Its breathtaking multidimensional sound, powered by epic Dolby Atmos speakers, will make you feel like you’re right there alongside Oppenheimer as he enlists his atomic crew to forge a bold and frightening new path.

Combine the above with state-of-the-art projection and huge screens, and it's little wonder that Oppenheimer promises to burn off the screen. You can find out more about Superscreen in the following video.


What choice will you make? With Oppenheimer due for release on July 21st, click the link below to get your tickets.