Oppenheimer: watch the explosive new trailer for Christopher Nolan's latest

Mankind approaches a terrifying new dawn in the fiery trailer for Christopher Nolan's movie Oppenheimer. The preview is attached to the theatrical showings of Avatar: The Way of Water and promises a suitably ambitious drama from the director of The Dark Knight, Inception and Dunkirk.

We've got the trailer here for you, which in classic Christopher Nolan fashion tells you everything and nothing at the same time. The film is adapted from the book American Prometheus by Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin and charts the life of controversial atomic bomb developer J. Robert Oppenheimer.

Nolan regular Cillian Murphy plays the title character, and the trailer implies a huge amount of self-doubt as Oppenheimer grapples with the consequences of his pioneering yet deadly new creation. Check out the trailer below to see how 20th-century warfare was, quite literally, born in flames.

Impressively, this trailer manages to conceal what is possibly the most remarkable cast of any 2023 movie. Joining Murphy is A Quiet Place's Emily Blunt (she plays Oppenheimer's wife Katherine), Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr., Bohemian Rhapsody Oscar winner and No Time To Die villain Rami Malek, The Last Duel's Matt Damon (who starred in Nolan's Interstellar), Black Widow's Florence Pugh, Scream's Jack Quaid, Stranger Things' Matthew Modine (another Nolan collaborator, having appeared in The Dark Knight Rises) and Licorice Pizza's Benny Safdie.

You can also throw in Dunkirk and Tenet's Kenneth Branagh, and the Dark Knight trilogy's Gary Oldman. (The latter is rumoured to be playing US President Harry S. Truman.) It's a suitably staggering ensemble to do justice to an apocalyptic story, one that Nolan has described as, "A story of immense scope and scale".

Much has been made about how Nolan has recreated the atomic Trinity Test for the movie. It's characteristic of a director who prefers to capture practical effects in-camera while avoiding CGI where possible. The movie has been shot with IMAX cameras by Nolan and his regular DP Hoyte van Hoytema (Interstellar; Dunkirk; Tenet) to fully capture the moment when atomic power was unleashed for the first time.

No doubt this will give Oppenheimer an appropriately grandiose sense of weight and portent when it arrives at Cineworld on July 21, 2023.

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