It's Paul Rudd's birthday! Here are his funniest moments

Affable funnyman Paul Rudd turns 49 today. And while speculation runs rampant as to Ant-Man's appearance in Avengers: Infinity War (seriously, where is he on the posters and in the trailers?), rest assured the shrinking superhero returns this August in Ant-Man and the Wasp.

So join us as we celebrate the funniest moments of the Marvel actor with whom we'd love to sit down and have a beer.

The farting chair

Paul can steer interviews in unexpected – and frankly hilarious – directions, as this interview proves. A case of flatulence – or squeaky leather? Frankly, it doesn't matter, as the brilliant results speak for themselves.

Kissing Helen Mirren

The actor gets up close and personal to British acting royalty in one of Graham Norton's most memorable moments. That he gets away with is part of his charm.

Bad hair day

Paul is a great deadpan comedian. Case in point: appearing on Conan O'Brien's TV show to promote Anchorman 2 whilst sporting this monstrosity.

His Robert de Niro impression

From Knocked Up: the voice might not be accurate but the face is scarily spot on.

Rap battle

The actor kills Queen's 'Don't Stop Me Now' in TV host Jimmy Fallon's regular feature, where actors mime to hit songs. Likeable, handsome and funny – we should hate him but darn it, we don't.

Watch Paul Rudd in action (potentially) in Avengers: Infinity War, which hits screens on 26th April, and, later in the year, Ant-Man and the Wasp (released on 3rd August). And don't forget to send us your favourite Paul Rudd moments @Cineworld.