Saw X featurette explores Jigsaw's gruesome horror legacy

When the notorious Jigsaw killer invites you to play a game, you know it won't be KerPlunk. The trap-building psychopath is back this Halloween in Saw X, and this time we get to discover how his twisted mindset was formed.

Actor Tobin Bell has played Jigsaw (aka John Kramer) since the onset of the Saw series in 2004. With his quietly raspy voice and calculating demeanour, Bell has conjured a contemporary horror icon who, more often than not, has farmed out some of the most horrific traps to his accomplices.

The history of the Saw series has become increasingly knotty and complicated as it's gone on. But one thing remains consistent: its love of body-shredding gore and chaos. If you've got the stomach for the tenth movie, go behind the scenes in the following video and rediscover Jigsaw's legacy.


Are you ready to see Saw again? Click the link below to book your tickets. Saw X is released on September 29th.