Scream: book your tickets for Ghostface's return to Cineworld

Ticket booking is now open for the new Scream movie. It's time to be reunited with Ghostface on the biggest screen you can find, as a brand new crop of victims is targeted by the mysterious masked maniac. Who possesses the requisite knowledge of horror cinema to survive the psycho's knife-wielding mayhem? Or has this new Ghostface changed the rules altogether?

Here are five reasons why you need to book your Cineworld tickets for Scream right away.


1. It's a continuation of one of the greatest horror franchises of all time

Scream is the fifth instalment in the hugely successful Scream series and, somewhat confusingly, shares the same name as the movie that started it all. Back in 1996, the slasher movie was in a bad way, having suffered a blight of cheesy sequels that failed to scare audiences. Enter the late director Wes Craven who, along with screenwriter Kevin Williamson, tore up and reinvented the genre with a diabolically simple idea: what if a serial killer possessed a self-referential knowledge of horror films, and taunted his or her victims with it? And what if said victims could use their own knowledge of those conventions to stay alive?

The resulting movie, Scream, was a box office sensation and a critical success, breathing new life into a moribund genre. It inspired several sequels, including this latest one, a run of lesser 1990s slasher movies (I Know What You Did Last Summer et al), a series of Scary Movie spoofs and a whole lot more. Horror fans cherish the Scream series, even as they admit that only the first two attain classic status. Nevertheless, it's enormously exciting to be revisiting this intriguing horror heritage on the big screen in the form of a fifth movie,


2. Nostalgics and legacy fans can revel in the return of the original Scream trio

The Scream series is anchored by the traumatic journey of Sidney Prescott, played by Neve Campbell. Ever since the groundbreaking 1996 original, Sidney has been tormented and stalked by a variety of mocking Ghostface killers, each of whom has shared a shocking personal connection with her. Campbell's return in the new Scream movie lends a sense of gravitas as Sidney is, by now, an old hand at dealing with Ghostface. She must school a new generation as to how to survive the killer's onslaught, all the while coming to terms with yet more skeletons in the closet.

Further reinforcing the nostalgic pleasure is the return of Sidney's frenemy Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox), the venal reporter turned serial killer survivor who, throughout the course of the series, has learned not to put her own self-interest first. And completing the picture is the presence of Dewey Riley (David Arquette), the former Woodsboro sheriff and Gale's on/off lover, who has survived multiple violent scrapes with Ghostface in the past.


3. Scream newcomers can enjoy the hip new cast

Not familiar with the Scream series? There's still plenty to enjoy, starting with the ensemble. Among the fresh young cast of potential victims: The Boys' Jack Quaid, In the Heights' Melissa Barrera, Booksmart's Mason Gooding and 13 Reasons Why's Dylan Minnette. It's a bright, talented young cast – but who is destined to play the killer, or killers? The latest poster deliberately teases us by saying that one of the featured cast members is the culprit, but we're darned if we can figure out who it is yet.


4. It's got an exciting filmmaking crew behind it

With the passing of Scream originator Wes Craven in 2015, the baton has now passed to the filmmaking duo of Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin. If you don't know their names, you may be familiar with their movie Ready or Not, which was released to critical acclaim and box office success in 2019.

Like the movies in the Scream series, Ready or Not mixed self-aware meta-references, grisly gallows comedy and bloody shocks into one entertaining package, being the story of a naive young bride who must tool up to protect herself against her bloodthirsty new in-laws. Both Gillett and Bettinelli-Olpin have the chops to do justice to Craven's legacy, which both deconstructed and celebrated the legacy of the horror genre.


5. Scream is rated 18, so you can expect some properly gnarly horror thrills

Yes, according to the BBFC, Scream is rated 18, the hardest UK rating there is. Interestingly, this is the first theatrically-released Scream movie to be rated 18 since 2000's Scream 3, given that the fourth movie, released in 2011, was rated 15. 

The reason for the new Scream's classification? 'Strong bloody violence', so it sounds like Ghostface will be tearing up the big screen in all sorts of ways. If you're looking to be properly creeped out at the beginning of 2022, this is the perfect place to start. You can always hide behind your popcorn.


Click here to book your tickets for Scream, which slices its way into Cineworld on 14th January. Let us know @Cineworld when you've bagsied your seat.