Sister Act 3 could be happening says Whoopi Goldberg

Are you ready to eat? Whoopi Goldberg has implied that Deloris Van Cartier is prepared to throw on her wimple again in Sister Act 3. Some 27 years after the Sister Act sequel, and 28 years after the classic, blockbusting original, we're praying for another round of comic hijinks with the sharp-tongued Dolores.

"For a long time, they kept saying no one wanted to see it," Goldberg revealed Tuesday to James Corden on The Late Late Show. "And then quite recently, it turns out, that that may not be true. People may want to see it.

"So we're working diligently to try to figure out how to get the gang together and come back."

Can we hear a hallelujah? This would mean the big screen return of Deloris, the hapless crime witness who was forced to go undercover in a New York convent. The first Sister Act movie was famous for its infectious mixture of gospel and traditional hymn (check it out below) and become a box office success with $231 million in the bank.


Will they get Maggie Smith's dyspeptic mother superior back? And where will we find Deloris? In Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit, she was forced to adopt the guise of a music teacher at a San Francisco academy. Surely, the only way is up?

"It's fun and it feels good," Goldberg continued. "And you know, nobody's mad. It's just, listen -- bad singing, great singing, OK singing and then nuns. What's better than that?"

No release date or production start date has been confirmed yet. Tweet us @Cineworld if this news has got you saying an ave maria.