Talk To Me trailer teases A24's latest terrifying chiller

Indie horror maestros A24 have cornered the market in recent years. The studio is responsible for the acclaimed likes of Ari Aster's Hereditary (the director's latest, Beau is Afraid, is out this May), Ti West's X and Pearl, and Robert Eggers' The Witch and Lighthouse. This summer, they're about to open up a brand new realm of fear in the Australian chiller Talk To Me, from feature film debutantes Danny and Michael Philippou.

With echoes of the classic cautionary tale The Monkey's Paw, the movie explores the fallout from the use of an apparently innocuous talisman. Sophie Wilde stars as Mia whose desire to reach out to her deceased mother causes her to inadvertently contact the other side. The vessel for this contact: an embalmed, disembodied hand that Mia's friends see as little more than a joke to roll out at parties.

But, as ever, there's a darker side to these things and soon Mia is soon plagued by terrifying visitations. It all looks appropriately atmospheric and you know it's an A24 movie when the allegorical, figurative subtext pokes through the surface layer of fear, promising to add more emotional heft to proceedings.

In line with previous A24 offerings, Talk To Me has been praised for its style and scares. David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporter raves: "The movie deftly stitches its deepest fears around the idea that grief and trauma can be open invitations to predatory forces from the great beyond. It marks a welcome splash of new blood on the horror landscape."

If you're brave enough, be sure to catch Talk To Me at Cineworld from July 28th.