The Creator: go behind the scenes of Gareth Edwards' latest sci-fi epic

Several years after he delivered a Star Wars classic in the form of Rogue One, director Gareth Edwards is back. His new movie, The Creator, is another science fiction adventure painted on an epic scale, detailing a devastating ongoing war between humans and autonomous artificial intelligence.

When John David Washington's bereaved resistance fighter discovers a way to resolve the conflict, he jumps at the chance. He's tasked with recovering and destroying the deadly weapon around which the A.I. centres, only to discover that said weapon is an innocent biomechanical child. The future of mankind hangs in the balance as questions of morality and empathy dictate the course of action.

With its handsome visuals, Hans Zimmer score and starry supporting cast including Ken Watanabe and Allison Janney, The Creator has some serious pedigree to it. Go behind the scenes in the following video and discover how the world of the movie was constructed in eye-popping fashion. The Creator is released on September 29th.