The Creator: watch the new trailer for Gareth Edwards' sweeping new sci-fi adventure

Several years after the blockbusting success of Star Wars spin-off Rogue One, director Gareth Edwards is back in the game. And he's staying in the realm of epic sci-fi.

Edwards' latest is The Creator, a movie that imagines a post-apocalyptic future (is there any other kind?) in which the future of mankind is threatened by sentient A.I.

Tenet's John David Washington plays a resistance fighter who remembers the atomic explosion that obliterated humanity and turned him into a grim one-man army.

However, he's then tasked with tracking down and eliminating a mysterious figure, the Creator, who is responsible for setting the conflict in motion.

The rub? The Creator is actually an android child, forcing Washington's character to reconcile with his hatred of automatons and protect the kid from harm.

It looks as sweeping as we'd expect with handsome vistas, an A-list lead and an organic mixture of live-action environments and CGI mayhem. Plus, Hans Zimmer has recently been confirmed to write the score. What more do you need?

Check out the trailer below and prepare for the arrival of The Creator on September 29th.