The Son: read the Unlimited screening reactions to the new Hugh Jackman drama

Hugh Jackman grips and compels in The Son, the new drama that recently screened in advance for Cineworld Unlimited members. Writer-director Florian Zeller stages his follow-up to the acclaimed The Father, and that movie's Oscar-winner Anthony Hopkins makes a memorable appearance here.

Jackman plays Peter who, many years earlier, divorced his wife Kate (Oscar winner Laura Dern) and effectively turned his back on his own child. Peter now lives with a new partner, Beth (Oscar nominee Vanessa Kirby), and their newborn baby. However, Kate then turns up on Peter's doorstep expressing concern that their now-teenage son Nicholas (Zen McGrath) is flunking school and showing signs of emotional trauma.

Things only intensify when Nicholas moves in with Peter and struggles to communicate his inner anguish. What then unfolds is a multigenerational story of reckoning as Peter comes to terms with his own failings as a parent and partner. Hopkins turns up as Peter's own father, dishing out some cutting and dyspeptic advice that shakes Peter's world to its core.

Primarily, the movie is a sober story about the fragility of mental health and the importance of clear communication in a world that doesn't appear to be listening. Evidently, it's topical, serious-minded material and we wanted to hear from Unlimited audiences as to their reactions.


Were you at last night's screening of The Son? If so, we'd love to see your reactions @Cineworld and via the hashtag #CineworldUnlimited. If you missed the preview, the movie is now on release at Cineworld.



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