7 Valentine's Day movies to watch in Cineworld (including our wild card choices)

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, you may be wondering about the big-screen treats Cineworld has lined up on this most romantic of evenings. And while, indeed, there are romantic offerings in store (scroll down to find out more), there's also plenty of 'wild card' Valentine's Day movies for you to enjoy...


 1.  Marry Me (released 11th February)

  • Perfect for Couples and hapless romantic singletons alike

Looking for a traditional kind of Valentine's Day movie? Allow Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson to answer your prayers with this fairy tale story of a famous musician who elects to marry a complete stranger in a crowd. Lopez used to rule the wedding rom-com genre (The Wedding Planner; Maid in Manhattan et al) and Wilson is a dab hand at portraying the ordinary guy who finds himself in extraordinary circumstances. Don't try to apply logic – just engage your inner romantic for this one.

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2. Uncharted (released 11th February)

  • Perfect for Action junkies and/or those sick of rom-coms

Who says that Valentine's Day movies need to adhere to the romantic template? If you and your partner are instead looking to spill popcorn and grip the seat, then elect for Uncharted, the long-awaited PlayStation adaptation. Tom Holland stars as the daredevil adventurer Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg plays Sully in a movie that traverses the globe in search of buried treasure, unspooling plenty of gravity-defying set-pieces along the way, including a hair-raising fall from the back of a cargo plane.

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3. Death on the Nile (released 11th February)

  • Perfect for Those who enjoy brain-teasers and/or Agatha Christie

No doubt many an evening has been spent during the winter months watching Pointless or Only Connect. Well, you can now put those wits and grey cells to the test as Kenneth Branagh brings us a handsome-looking new Agatha Christie adaptation, one loaded with all manner of twists and turns. Can you stay ahead of Branagh's brilliant detective Poirot as he solves an apparently impossible death aboard an Egyptian paddle steamer? Gal Gadot and Annette Bening are among the big names featuring.

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4. Moonfall (on release now)

  • Perfect for Those who value spectacle above Valentine's clichés

In the mood for some spectacularly explosive CGI spectacle? Allow Roland Emmerich to do the honours – he's the master of such things, having helmed Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow. In his latest movie, the moon is knocked off its orbit and the ensuing gravity waves bring planet Earth to its knees. Fortunately, heroes Patrick Wilson, Halle Berry and John Bradley are on hand to save the day with a daredevil outer-space mission.

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5. Jackass Forever (on release now)

  • Perfect for People who would happily trade schmaltz for side-splitting laughs

Sometimes, the best kind of Valentine's experience is one where you laugh together. The Jackass team hold forth in their latest film, pulverising their private parts and staging all manner of typically insane stunts for our entertainment. If the thought of any romantic is enough to make you hurl, then the cringe factor of Jackass is the perfect tonic.

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6. Scream (on release now)

  • Perfect for Those who think horror makes the best kind of date night

Horror movies make for great romantic experiences – if you collectively bond over something designed to scare the life out of you, that's a sign that someone's a keeper, right? Scream is just such a movie: the fifth instalment in the classic slasher franchise, it reunites viewers with the mocking Ghostface, the movie-loving psycho out to torment and execute an unsuspecting generation of new victims. Original generation Scream fans will get a big kick out of returning cast members Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette.

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7. Belfast (on release now)

  • Perfect for People seeking a classy, distinguished night at the movies

For those movie-mad couples who are anticipating the Oscar nominations (revealed on 8th February), we'd like to point you in the direction of Belfast. Kenneth Branagh's stirring autobiographical drama is being positioned as a frontrunner for this year's Academy Awards, and it showcases some truly superb performances, not least from newcomer Jude Hill as the irrepressible Belfast boy Buddy. Go for the Oscar hype; stay for the lingering emotional impact.

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Which of these movies will you be watching in Cineworld this Valentine's Day? Let us know @Cineworld.