Everything Demolition Man got right about the future (and one thing it didn’t)

Mellow greetings, Cineworlders. What's your boggle? We're bringing the satirical 1993 action classic Demolition Man back to Cineworld screens tonight as part of our Action Season.

Sylvester Stallone stars as John Spartan, the no-nonsense 20th-century cop who is frozen and later thawed out in 21st-century San (formerly Los) Angeles. There, he must do battle with his mortal enemy: the also-unthawed bleach-blonde psychopath Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes) who was responsible for putting Spartan on ice in the first place.

Co-starring Sandra Bullock as idealistic cop Lenena Huxley, Demolition Man has lost none of its charm, and the bullet-ridden action sequences still pack a punch. But what did the movie get right about the future? And did it get anything wrong? We're taking a closer look.

What Demolition Man got right about the future

1. Mobile video conferencing

Demolition Man got it right about portable tablets and mobile devices. We see the San Angeles Police Department and several other characters communicating with each other on handheld technology, and this is something that's now entrenched in our 21st-century society.



2. Technology that boosts our wellbeing

Apps are now deeply embedded in our lives and we routinely use them to monitor our physical and mental health. Demolition Man was well ahead of the game with its satirical and amusing perception of talking video screens designed to inspire "Joy joy feelings".



3. Self-drive cars

We now have cars that drive themselves, although they're not as prevalent as they are in Demolition Man. Good thing too, because one of the film's key set-pieces involves a self-drive police car malfunctioning and crashing.

Maybe the old ways are the best, represented in the film by the distinctly analog appearance of a classic 1970 Oldsmobile 442.



4. Voice-activated smart homes

We now take it for granted that a simple phrase like 'Lights on' will illuminate our home (or 'domicile' as it's referred to in Demolition Man). But back in 1993 at the time of the film's release, this was pure fantasy.



5. Arnold Schwarzenegger's move into politics

One of Demolition Man's best throwaway jokes refers to the 'Schwarzenegger Presidential Library', which also acts as a meta jibe at the real-life ongoing rivalry between action icons Stallone and Arnie. 

In reality, Schwarzenegger may not have become President but he did become the Governator of California.



What Demolition Man didn't get right about the future

The three seashells

Seriously, all these years later and we still don't know how this works. Answers on a postcard, please.



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