What's On At Cineworld: Violent Night reviewed

It's time for some gloriously entertaining season's beatings in this week's release of Violent Night. Stranger Things star David Harbour plays the boozy Santa on a mission to put the baddies on his naughty list, accompanied by his trusty sledgehammer. The results are gory, profane and hilarious, a perfect antidote to twee festive schmaltz.

Our What's On At Cineworld hosts Luke (sporting his best festive threads) and Daniel are here to give their verdict on Harbour's performance, not to mention the movie's crowd-pleasing blend of riotous violence and Christmas sentiment.

Discover their thoughts in the video below. They also take a closer look at the week's other releases including the 80th-anniversary re-release of the masterpiece Casablanca and thriller The Infernal Machine, starring Guy Pearce.

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