Why Cineworld's IMAX with Laser takes movie-watching to a whole new dimension

Rampaging dinosaurs, rock 'n' roll legends, soaring fighter jets... Whatever you plan to watch on the silver screen this summer, you'll want it to be as thrillingly lifelike as possible. Here at Cineworld, we pride ourselves on being a genuine innovator when it comes to the movie-going experience. Through technologies such as ScreenX, 4DX and Superscreen, we've revolutionised the way that films are shown, making trips to the cinema more exhilarating than they've ever been.


Super-sized cinema

And now we're excited to tell you about another of our innovations. Our IMAX with Laser cinema in London's Leicester Square brings a whole new meaning to the phrase 'big screen'. More than three times the height of a London bus, and 87.5 feet wide, this spectacular curved panel provides the biggest IMAX experience in the UK – the most seats, the widest screen and the largest on-screen picture. Watching movies such as Jurassic World: Dominion and Top Gun: Maverick on it, you'll be thrust right into the thick of the action. 

With dual 4K laser projection, industry-leading contrast (five times the norm), 100% more brightness than average, plus the most exotic colours ever seen on a screen, the IMAX with Laser cinema delivers the kind of eye-popping visuals that movie blockbusters were made for. Add in the stunning power and precision of the cinema's IMAX 12-channel sound, and you're guaranteed a breathtakingly immersive ride. 




What can you watch on IMAX with Laser?

What better way to sample this epic cinematic experience than by taking your seat for the new Jurassic World: Dominion film – opening this Friday (10 June). Just imagine the visceral thrill of seeing that Giganotosaurus towering imperiously over you, its huge fangs dripping with hungry menace. Or how about the new Baz Luhrmann film Elvis (from Friday 24 June); thanks to IMAX with Laser, you'll get unrestricted access to one of rock's most enduring legends, played with astonishing authenticity by Austin Butler. 

And then there's Top Gun: Maverick (out now). With 36 years having passed since the beloved 1985 original came out, the anticipation for this all-action sequel has been sky-high. Serving up high-octane thrills in spades, Joseph Kosinski's movie simply has to be witnessed on a giant screen – and they don't come bigger or better than IMAX with Laser. 


Tom Cruise knows best

Even Tom Cruise was impressed. The Hollywood A-lister – who returns to the cockpit for the new Top Gun adventure – joined us at Cineworld Leicester Square for the film's star-studded UK premiere in May. And watching his latest blockbuster unfold on our huge IMAX with Laser screen prompted him to wax lyrical about the experience in front of hundreds of star-struck movie fans.

So, if you love films and want to take your cinema-going experience to a whole new dimension, strap in for IMAX with Laser at Cineworld Leicester Square. It's the hottest ticket in town.

Have you watched a movie on our IMAX with Laser screen? Let us know what you thought by sending us a tweet @cineworld.