Win an Xbox to celebrate the release of Dune: Part Two

We're celebrating the release of a massive new blockbuster with a very exciting competition. From March 1st, you will be able to return to Arrakis and bask in the big-screen majesty of Dune: Part Two, director Denis Villeneuve's staggering conclusion to his two-part Dune adaptation.

Timothée Chalamet returns as Paul Atreides and completes the mythical transformation from outcast exile into a mystical superbeing tasked with uniting the entire galaxy. The scale is off-the-charts, the cast is full of A-list faces and the mythology gets even more engrossing in this critically acclaimed sequel, which has already been hailed as a landmark in contemporary science-fiction cinema.

And you know what makes the release of Dune: Part Two even better? The chance to win a shiny and exciting new Xbox, a prize worthy of the messiah himself. To enter, simply visit our Facebook page and tell us in the comments which format you'll be watching Dune: Part Two in. Or, if you're on X, simply retweet here

Enter by 23:59, 11/03/2024 for your chance to win. Good luck!

Remember to click the link below to book your tickets for Dune: Part Two, which opens on March 1st.


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