A Quiet Place: Part II – go behind the scenes of the "treacherous" world of the horror sequel

A Quiet Place: Part II sets our hearts racing this March, as one family must learn to navigate a deadly world without making a sound.

We know this family – they were introduced to us in 2018 horror hit A Quiet Place, directed to acclaimed effect by John Krasinski, who returns to helm the sequel. Best known for his role as Jim in the American version of The Office, Krasinski demonstrated a real flair for inventive set-pieces and clever sound design, showing us an ordinary brood beset by monsters that hunt via the slightest of noises.

The end result was genuinely terrifying, and propelled itself to impressive box office grosses of more than $300 million worldwide. Little wonder distributor Paramount demanded a sequel.

A Quiet Place: Part II sends imperilled mother Evelyn (played by Krasinski's real-life wife Emily Blunt), plus her two grown-up children and newborn baby, out beyond the confines of their devastated farmhouse to seek out other survivors. Along the way, they'll connect the dots as to the origins of the deadly creature invasion that reduced the whole of America to an apocalyptic disaster zone. Dunkirk's Cillian Murphy is among the new faces in the cast, playing a fellow survivalist who appears to know more than he's letting on.

Go behind the scenes in the following video, in which Krasinski and Blunt talk about upping the stakes and filling in the narrative gaps.

A Quiet Place: Part II is released on the 20th of March. Excited? Let us know @Cineworld.