Winston Duke tell us how The Fall Guy set an incredible Guinness World Record

Actor Winston Duke is the ultimate wingman in this week's new action-comedy The Fall Guy and we caught up with him to discuss the movie.

The Fall Guy is designed as a thrilling salute to the art of the stunt performer. It stars Ryan Gosling as Hollywood stunt-man turned off-camera superhero Colt Seavers whose leading man has gone missing.

While searching for the missing A-lister, Colt must also make amends with his one-time love – who just so happens to be the film's director Jody (Emily Blunt).

Duke plays the film-within-a-film's stunt co-ordinator Dan and gives a scene-stealing performance. In our interview, he reveals his love for the motion-sensory, Cineworld-exclusive 4DX format and how it further immerses viewers in the pulse-pounding world of the stuntman.

Check out his thoughts in the following extract.

Did you also know that The Fall Guy set the Guinness World Record for the most barrel rolls in a movie? Watch the full interview video below to find out more.


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