Bad Boys: Ride or Die - everything you need to know including cast, story and release date

In this summer's bantering buddy action-comedy Bad Boys: Ride or Die, it's not so much good cop, bad cop as bickering cop, bantering cop. Expect another onslaught of wisecracking and frantic, bullet-ridden action as the long-running franchise returns to the big screen.

You can book your Cineworld tickets at the end of this post but first, bring yourself up to speed on the film's cast, story and release date.


What is the story of Bad Boys: Ride or Die?

Chalk and cheese detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett investigate corruption within the Miami PD when their late Captain Conrad Howard is posthumously accused of being involved with drug cartels. However, a setup turns them into fugitives, forcing them to work outside the law in order to solve the case.

Who stars in Bad Boys: Ride or Die?

Will Smith returns to the role of Mike Lowrey and Martin Lawrence reprises his role as Marcus Burnett. Joe Pantoliano is back as Mike and Marcus' superior Captain Conrad while new cast additions include Vanessa Hudgens, Alexander Ludwig, Paola Núñez, DJ Khaled and Ioan Gruffudd.

How many Bad Boys movies have there been before this one?

This is the fourth Bad Boys movie to date. The first two, Bad Boys and Bad Boys II, were released in 1995 and 2003 respectively, and directed by Michael Bay. The third movie, Bad Boys for Life, was released in 2020 just prior to the COVID-19 lockdown, and directed by the duo Adil & Bilall (aka Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah) who return to direct Bad Boys: Ride or Die.

When is Bad Boys: Ride or Die released?

Bad Boys: Ride or Die is released on June 5th.

Is Bad Boys: Ride or Die showing in special formats at Cineworld?

Yes, you can experience Bad Boys: Ride or Die in IMAX, as well as the Cineworld-exclusive format 4DX.

Where can we book Cineworld tickets for Bad Boys: Ride or Die?

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Where can we watch the trailer for Bad Boys: Ride or Die?

Watch the latest trailer for Bad Boys: Ride or Die below.