Avengers: Endgame score is completed

We're officially in the endgame now as the release date of Avengers: Endgame looms ever-closer. The final movie in phase three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) reaches UK shores on 25th April, and it's poised to change the comic book franchise forever.

In other news, Endgame directors the Russo brothers took to Twitter to confirm that Alan Silvestri's score has been completed.

Russo brothers confirm Alan Silvestri has completed the Avengers: Endgame score

Veteran Back to the Future and Predator composer Alan Silvestri is now the most ubiquitous composer in the MCU. Endgame is in fact his fourth score following Infinity War, Avengers Assemble and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. How will he possibly wrap up the myriad of character arcs and story threads while anticipating the future of the franchise? We'll find out in due course.

Avengers: Endgame is released on 25th April, so tweet us your thoughts on the running time and soundtrack potential @Cineworld.