All the must-see family movies to watch at Cineworld this summer

Looking to keep the family entertained this summer? At Cineworld, we've got all ages covered with our roster of fun family films, which run the gamut from wondrous live-action adventures to colourful animated creations.

Scroll down to discover what's on and when, plus details of the Cineworld Family Ticket.


1. IF (previews May 11th and 12th; released May 17th)

Writer-director John Krasinski pivots from the horror of A Quiet Place to a spirited and endearing family adventure. IF stands for 'imaginary friends', and one young girl has realised that these beloved childhood companions have their own secret society. The thing is, they can only be seen by those who know where to look.

Deadpool himself Ryan Reynolds stars in a film that acts as an emotional salute to the power of imagination. The various IFs come in different forms, all adorable and hilarious in their distinctive ways, while the all-star voice cast includes Steve Carell (reuniting with Krasinski following their days on The Office), Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Emily Blunt.



2. The Garfield Movie (previews May 18th and 19th; released May 24th)

Who's the cat who hates Mondays and loves lasagna? Garfield, of course. The sardonic ginger moggie is back on our screens in this frenetic CG animation and voiced by Chris Pratt with Samuel L. Jackson voicing his pops and Nicholas Hoult voicing his owner. 



3. Inside Out 2 (released June 14th)

Inside Out stands as one of Pixar's greatest achievements, a visually vibrant and emotionally resonant story that actualises the emotions living rent-free inside our heads. The film won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature and now we're getting the sequel. Can it possibly live up to the original?

Amy Poehler's Joy and Phyllis Smith's Sadness, the two emotions pivotal to the events of the first film, are back. They're guiding young girl Riley through the onset of adolescence, and that means the unexpected arrival of several new emotions, including the problematic Anxiety (Maya Hawke)...

4. Despicable Me 4 (released July 12th)

No one can stop the rise of Gru and his loyal Minions. The three Despicable Me films and their associated Minions spin-offs have all proved to be huge box-office successes with family audiences. Now, Gru and the gang are back. Returning voice actor Steve Carell is promising Gru's wildest adventure yet and several other franchise favourites are also back including Kristen Wiig and Steve Coogan.

5. Harold and the Purple Crayon (released August 2nd)

Crockett Johnson's popular kids' book Harold and the Purple Crayon now gets the live-action family film treatment. In the book, Harold is a young child who has in his possession a magical purple crayon, which makes his drawings come to life. In the film, Shazam star Zachary Levi plays the older Harold who still owns the crayon but discovers he has lots to learn about life. 

6. Spider-Man live-action season (August and September)

Can you feel your spidey senses tingling? We're bringing all eight live-action Spider-Man movies back to the big screen, so if you want to relive those early cinematic memories, or want to experience the films in the cinema for the first time, now's your chance. Swing along with the Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland iterations of Peter Parker as the iconic Marvel character grapples with love, life lessons and multifaceted villains.


What is the Cineworld Family Ticket?

The Cineworld Family Ticket allows adults to pay kids' prices. It invites movie fans of all ages to be more childish together as they enjoy the magic of the big screen.

Our new Cineworld Family Ticket applies to one child and one adult, rather than two adults and two children, or one adult and three children. This can be used for children up to the age of 14. 

Remember, adults pay kids' prices, the savings are the same, and if you're used to buying our old family ticket, you now just need to book two family tickets.

In addition to the discount on the price of your seat, Cineworld's Family Ticket also gets you more than 25% off the price of a Family Special snack pack.

The Family Special includes two kids' Munchboxes – each containing a small box of sweet or salted popcorn, a Fruit Shoot or a bottle of water, plus a packet of Milky Way Magic Stars or raisins – along with a regular popcorn and two regular soft drinks for the adults in the group.

If you want to upgrade your experience to our premium formats like IMAX and 4DX you simply pay the uplift on the Family Ticket price.