Superhero horror Brightburn is your Cineworld Unlimited screening on 10th June

What if Superman's arrival on Earth as a baby foreshadowed bloodshed and terror as opposed to world-saving heroics? That's the chilling premise of horror movie Brightburn, produced by Guardians of the Galaxy film-maker James Gunn. And Cineworld Unlimited members get to watch the movie in advance of its release date this June.

When a spaceship crash-lands on Earth containing a seemingly innocent young child, unassuming couple Tori and Kyle Breyer (Elizabeth Banks and David Denman) decide to raise him as their own. As the boy Brandon (Jackson A. Dunn) grows up, all seems well and idyllic in the Breyer household – until a creeping sense of suspicion takes hold that the kid isn't all he seems.

Before long, Brandon is capable of bending forks with his teeth and much worse besides. In fact, he's on the cusp of embracing a demonic and deadly superhero identity that threatens all those around him. Check out the trailer below.

This gleefully grisly fusion of scares and comic book mythology sees producer Gunn return to his splattery horror roots as seen in the likes of Slither. And it's a family affair, too – it's written by Gunn's brother Brian and his cousin Mark, while behind the camera is David Yarovesky, responsible for the nutty Guardians of the Galaxy: Inferno music video starring David Hasselhoff.

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Don't forget the Brightburn screening is followed by another: infectious Danny Boyle/Richard Curtis comedy Yesterday. Himesh Patel stars as aspiring musician Jack who finds himself the only person on Earth with any knowledge of The Beatles. He then purloins the Fab Four's music and becomes the biggest new pop star in the world – but Jack's newfound fame comes at a price.

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