Cineworld's Cinemania Quiz returns

Calling all Cineworlders! We've got exciting news for you. Following our Halloween Cinemania Quiz, the brain-busting test of all things film-related is back. Here's what you need to know.


What is the Cineworld Cinemania Quiz?

As before, Cinemania is a a fun competition whereby contestants challenge each other as to their film knowledge. Which of our contenders knows the most about movies? And who will emerge victorious with the highest score? Tune in this Halloween (streaming details below) to find out.

Who is hosting the Cineworld Cinemania Quiz?

Our What’s On at Cineworld host Luke Owen will be joined by Bird Keeper Toby, Oli Davis and Pete Quinnell from WrestleTalk, and Fandom's Kim Taylor-Foster. Who will walk away with the CineMania crown?

When is the Cineworld Cinemania Quiz taking place?

We’ll be going LIVE at 4pm on Friday 27th November.

Where can we stream the Cineworld Cinemania Quiz?

Stream on the Cineworld YouTube channel – set a reminder with the following.