Cineworld fun activities while you're waiting for us to re-open

Looking for inspiration while waiting for Cineworld to re-open? Here's our blog list of fun and exciting activities and events coming up over the next few days.

1. Stream This House as part of National Theatre At Home

James Graham's incisive and gripping look at the UK's 1974 hung Parliament is yours to stream for free for a week.

Stream This House on National Theatre At Home.

2. Stream the We Are One online film festival

Bereft of movies? Well, the Tribeca Film Festival and YouTube have teamed up to curate a host of movies from 2020 film festivals, including the prestigious Cannes.

Find out more about We Are One film festival.

3. Get inspiration for your post-lockdown walk with these movies

Lockdown is steadily easing and we're now being allowed to go outside. So get some inspiration from these classic films that celebrate the great outdoors.

Read our blog list of great outdoor movies.

4. Rewatch the Marvel Cinematic Universe in chronological order

Looking for a challenge that will occupy a few days or weeks? Well, we've arranged the MCU in chronological order from start to finish, which may give you a new perspective on your favourite comic book movies.

Discover the chronological movie order of the MCU.

5. Take part in the Cineworld 30 Day Film Challenge

Remember the 30 Day Song Challenge on Instagram? Well, we've put our own twist on it. Take part in the Cineworld 30 Day Film Challenge and share with us online.

Find out more about the Cineworld 30 Day Film Challenge.

Which of these activities will be occupying you during lockdown? Let us know @Cineworld.