Cineworld IMAX Film Fest 2023: book your tickets now

2022 was a sensational year for screen-filling popcorn blockbusters, and we're bringing these crowd-pleasing spectaculars back this April, Yes, it's the return of the Cineworld IMAX Film Fest and tickets are on sale now. Amazingly, tickets are just £3 so be quick and secure your seat immediately.

Five of 2022's biggest movies come roaring back to the big screen on April 22nd at Cineworld cinemas around the country. This is a one-day-only event, so don't miss your chance to fill an otherwise ordinary day with the kind of jaw-dropping magic that comes with the big-screen experience. And all for just £3 a ticket!

Experience added dimensions of the biggest and best films for a bargain price – scroll down for all the essential details.

What is the Cineworld IMAX Film Fest?

The Cineworld IMAX Film Fest is a one-day event playing exclusively at Cineworld IMAX cinemas nationwide. Pay only £3 for a completely mind-blowing experience. (€3 in Cineworld Dublin.)

IMAX's unique aspect ratio (1.90:1 versus anamorphic widescreen's 2.39:1) expands the cinematic environment to craft a truly overwhelming experience. This is further enhanced by a pin-sharp remastering process and dual projection, which cumulatively imbues greater levels of warmth and sharpness into the picture. Combine this perfectly tuned and integrated surround sound, and IMAX promises to take your Cineworld visit to the next level.

The following video indicates what you're in for.



What movies are showing as part of Cineworld IMAX Film Fest 2023?

Avatar: The Way of Water

The shimmering, aquamarine qualities of James Cameron's world-conquering Avatar sequel are tailor-made for IMAX's expansive approach. Prepare to be taken underwater with the Metkayina tribe and be introduced to breathtaking new corners of the planet Pandora. The majesty of the movie is resplendent in IMAX detail both big and small, from the light playing across the underwater environments to the physical heft of the whale-like Tulkun.


Everything Everywhere All At Once

The Daniels' multi-Oscar-winning triumph takes on new dimensions of character and wonder when witnessed in IMAX. Don't miss your chance to journey with Michelle Yeoh's Evelyn across the multiverse in IMAX, as this humorous, spirited and ultimately moving adventure unspools the challenging mother-daughter relationship that threatens all of existence.


Top Gun: Maverick

Tom Cruise's high-flying Top Gun sequel is a triumph of physical action, character beats and exhilarating scale. The movie's IMAX presentation does full justice to the now-famous flight sequences, lending added scope and depth to every aerial maneuver and bypass. Prepare to hang onto your seat (or your wingman, if you're coming with one).


The Batman

Matt Reeves' Batman reboot (showing at the majority of Cineworld IMAX sites) commands the attention with its arrestingly dark, crime-ridden depiction of Gotham City, as it takes inspiration from the classic likes of Blade Runner. Step into Gotham via the medium of IMAX and be fully immersed in the canvas of Batman's adventure, as Robert Pattinson's Dark Knight goes to war with Paul Dano's Riddler. 

What is IMAX with Laser?

IMAX with Laser furnishes audiences with the brightest, sharpest, most vivid digital images you can imagine. Its groundbreaking, next-generation 4K laser projection, in combination with a 12-channel sound system, takes you into the world of the biggest blockbusters.

IMAX with Laser is currently available at Cineworld Ashford, Cineworld Barnsley, Cineworld Belfast, Cineworld Glasgow Silverburn, Cineworld Leicester Square, Cineworld Rushden Lakes, Cineworld Sheffield, Cineworld Watford and Cineworld York.

Where can I find out more about the Cineworld IMAX Film Fest?


Remember, this is for one day only on April 22nd, so don't miss out.

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