Cineworld IMAX Film Fest 2024: book your tickets and enjoy IMAX movies for just €3

We're bringing several huge blockbusters back to the big screen for Cineworld IMAX Film Fest 2024 including the multi-Oscar-winning Oppenheimer. Tickets are now on sale and they're just €3, which means you can absorb all the eye-widening, breathtaking IMAX spectacle for less.

Four of 2023's biggest movies come roaring back to the big screen on Saturday, April 20th at Cineworld cinemas nationwide. This is a one-day-only event, so don't miss your chance to fill an otherwise ordinary day with the kind of jaw-dropping magic that comes with the big-screen experience. And all for just €3 a ticket!

Experience added dimensions of the biggest and best films for a fraction of the cost – scroll down for all the essential details.

What is the Cineworld IMAX Film Fest and how does IMAX work?

For one day only, enjoy IMAX for just £3 at Cineworld IMAX cinemas nationwide. (€3 in Cineworld Dublin.)

IMAX deploys visual scope and sonic dynamism for a remarkable and immersive cinematic experience. It combines specific high-resolution cameras with state-of-the-art projectors and a uniquely optimised auditorium to engulf you in the world of a given film.

IMAX's unique aspect ratio (1.90:1 versus anamorphic widescreen's 2.39:1) expands the cinematic environment to craft a truly overwhelming experience. This is further enhanced by a pin-sharp remastering process and dual projection, which cumulatively imbues greater levels of warmth and sharpness into the picture. Combine this perfectly tuned and integrated surround sound, and IMAX promises to take your Cineworld visit to the next level.

The IMAX remastering process helps ensure every frame glistens with added levels of contrast and sharpness. This lends greater veracity and depth to every scene. Projection therefore feels crystal clear and unlike anything seen in a standard widescreen presentation. IMAX fully transforms every frame of a film to produce the best possible version of a filmmaker’s vision.

IMAX auditoriums are also equipped with a perfectly tuned integrated sound and speaker system for heart-pounding audio that will truly blow you away. Speakers are placed in specific areas around the auditorium to deliver unparalleled preciseness that enhances the level of immersion. The frequency response of IMAX audio also enhances both higher notes and bass levels, meaning you can practically feel the impact of the sound from your seat.

The following video indicates what you're in for.



What movies are showing as part of Cineworld IMAX Film Fest 2023?

The Super Mario Bros Movie (screening 10 am)

Hit the Rainbow Road again as 2023's biggest animated hit leaps and bounds into a Cineworld near you. We're kicking off the 2024 IMAX Film Fest with another blast of brightly coloured mayhem as Chris Pratt's titular plumbing hero Mario goes face to face with Jack Black's villainous Bowser.

Leave the games at home and head down to Cineworld where IMAX promises to pull you into a delightful audio-visual immersion of all things Super Mario, from the Rainbow Road to the Mushroom Kingdom.



Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (screening 12.30 pm)

Are you ready to enter the mind-blowing realm of the Spider-Verse again? If you missed out on the IMAX experience the first time or can't resist a second IMAX trip, then our 2024 Film Fest promises to give you what you need. Swing alongside Spidey hero Miles Morales (Shameik Moore) as he's exposed to an extraordinary multiverse of possibilities, the IMAX format drawing out all manner of teeming detail and fan-pleasing Easter Eggs. 

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is designed to overwhelm in the best possible way, from the fluid destinies of its characters to the impossibly layered depiction of Spider-Verse HQ and the genre-blending influences of Daniel Pemberton's score. Experience the movie in IMAX where you won't just be a passive observer but an active participant in one of the best superhero films ever to make it to the big screen.



The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes (screening 4 pm)

We're inviting you to meet us by the hanging tree once again as the action-packed Hunger Games prequel returns to Cineworld screens for one day only in IMAX. Become acquainted with the younger Coriolanus Snow in the days before he was the feared President of Panem, as he experiences a moral conflict between his heart and his head.

IMAX emboldens the violent sights and sounds of the all-important arena battles but this is also a story where the conflict is occurring on the faces of the characters. Tom Blyth plays Snow as a man whose nascent politics clashes with his relationship with singer/Tribute Lucy Gray Baird (Rachel Zegler), the fallout from which will stretch down the decades to the heyday of fighter Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence).



Oppenheimer (screening 7.30 pm)

We're ending our 2024 IMAX Film Fest with a bang, quite literally. We're proud to present Christopher Nolan's grandiose, Oscar-winning Oppenheimer, the 2024 Best Picture winner that was filmed for IMAX.

Nolan is famously a pioneer of the IMAX format, stretching back to the opening of The Dark Knight. True to form, he and cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema captured this coruscating atomic epic with IMAX cameras, lending greater expanse, clarity and depth of field to the film's depiction of the 20th century's pivotal atomic tests.

Prepare to be absorbed in all the fine-grained visual and sonic detail all over again in IMAX, from star Cillian Murphy's arrestingly haunted features to the hellish, eerily quiet eruption of the all-important Trinity Test. From Ludwig Goransson's multifaceted score to the colour/monochrome chronological scramble, Oppenheimer in IMAX remains a visceral experience that immerses you in one of humanity's darkest hours.



What retail offers are available at Cineworld IMAX Film Fest?

Enjoy our IMAX Film Fest combo retail offer. Purchase your Cineworld IMAX Film Fest ticket and enjoy 1 x regular carbonated soft drink and 1 x regular popcorn for just €4. Upgrade to large for just €5. It's the perfect accompaniment to your day of awe-inspiring IMAX entertainment.

Where can we find out more about the Cineworld IMAX Film Fest?

You can find out more by clicking the link below. Remember, tickets are €3 and it's for one day only on Saturday, April 20th, so don't miss out.