Daniel J. Layton experiences what it means to be a Cineworld ViP

Our good friend (and occasional celebrity) Daniel J. Layton has donned his best shirt and diva-ish behaviour while on the lookout for the ultimate in Cineworld comfort. So, we wanted to oblige him in the latest episode of our Behind the Screens series – after all, these celebs can get a bit miffed when they're not catered for. We, therefore, invited him to get up close and personal with one of our deluxe Cineworld ViP lounges, which include a bar, free nibbles and reclining seats to enhance the big screen experience.

Dan is also on hand to remind you about the complimentary dining, plus a myriad of other delightful bonuses. How will Daniel fare when adopting the life of a Cineworld ViP? And how will our film crew cope with his puns? Watch the video to find out.


If Dan has convinced you, don't forget about the ViP movies we've got coming up, including West Side Story (out December 10th), Spider-Man: No Way Home (out 15th December) and The Matrix: Resurrections (out 22nd December).