Deadpool 3 going ahead with Ryan Reynolds and Bob's Burgers writers

Deadpool 3 is officially going ahead under new distributor Disney, confirms Deadline. Having bought out original Deadpool distributor 20th Century Fox, the Mouse House is pushing for another R-rated entry in the rude and riotous comic book movie franchise, which has made a virtue of not playing by the rules.

Star Ryan Reynolds has met with several prospective screenwriters. They've got a mountain to climb: how to top the bloodthirstiness and meta mayhem of Mr. Pool's first two outings? Heck, in Deadpool 2, Reynolds gleefully poked fun at his own screen image with a savage closing gag about Green Lantern, his failed 2011 DC movie.

It's reported that the Molyneux Sisters are being tapped to write the Deadpool 3 script. They're best known for satirical cartoon comedy Bob's Burgers, now on its eleventh series and with a feature film on the way. The show focuses on the Belcher family and their hamburger restaurant business, and has been nominated for several Emmy awards, including a win for the sisters themselves. Surely that bodes well for Deadpool's next adventure?

Another good omen: by coming under the jurisdiction of Disney, the Deadpool franchise can now properly assimilate with Marvel Studios. (Before, when the films were under the ownership of Fox, they were separated from the Disney-distributed Marvel movies.) Deadpool 3 should, therefore, be something of a Marvel homecoming for the title character.

More than that, it's got everyone speculating about whether the film will slot into Marvel Phase Five, set to begin (at the time of writing) in 2022 with Black Panther 2. Could this mean (suppressing a squeal) that Deadpool could amalgamate with a new-look X-Men or Avengers team?

No director or release date has been assigned yet, so watch this space for further information and tweet us your thoughts on Deadpool 3 @Cineworld.