Everything Everywhere All At Once returns to Cineworld for the IMAX Film Fest

The Cineworld IMAX Film Fest gets underway on April 22nd and tickets are just £3 (€3 for Cineworld Dublin). How about a fresh viewing of 2022's Oscar-winning triumph Everything Everywhere All At Once in glorious IMAX? Yes, it's happening on April 22nd – here's what you need to know.


How does IMAX take one's viewing experience to the next level?

The immersive nature of IMAX empowers you to watch films to the fullest. The IMAX remastering process, in combination with the dual projection process, transfigures every frame of the biggest blockbusters, allowing every deal to gleam with added depth, clarity and sharpness.

Our IMAX auditoriums are also equipped with a perfectly tuned integrated sound and speaker system for heart-pounding audio that will truly blow you away.

Here's our friend Daniel J. Layton with a full explanation of how the IMAX process works.



Why should I experience Everything Everywhere All At Once in IMAX?

Directing duo the Daniels unleash a visual and sonic playground of delights with Everything Everywhere All At Once, and IMAX fully showcases the extraordinary level of detail that went into the making of the movie.

From the intricately layered micro-montages that splice together multiple versions of Michelle Yeoh's character Evelyn to the teeming nuances of Son Lux's score, Everything Everywhere attains even more remarkable levels of depth and resonance via the IMAX remastering process.

And that's saying nothing of the movie's crowd-pleasing action sequences, all of which are tailor-made for the expansive IMAX canvas. Who could resist the chance to watch the Ke Huy Quan bum bag fight all over again in the all-encompassing IMAX format?



Where can I book tickets for the Cineworld IMAX Film Fest?

Click the link below to claim your IMAX Film Fest tickets. The event takes place on April 22nd.