Cineworld announces a new charity partnership with MediCinema

Cineworld is proud to announce its new partnership with MediCinema. Scroll down for everything you need to know about the organisation and what it does to spread the power of the big-screen experience.


What is MediCinema?

MediCinema is a charity that recognises the hardships and restrictions placed on those in care, which can extend for days, weeks and even months at a time. MediCinema's mission is to bring the magic of the motion pictures to those who need it the most by building, installing and running cinemas in NHS hospitals. All the latest releases are screened for free, and audiences can watch from their beds and wheelchairs.

These environments become safe and immersive havens away from the wards for patients and their families. MediCinema opened its first screen in 1999 and now showcases six sites. It plans to double the number of sites and triple its reach by 2025.

Ultimately, MediCinema believes in the power of cinema – a good film enjoyed together makes everyone feel better. Among MediCinema's celebrated A-list patrons are Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Jeremy Irons, Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet.


How is Cineworld supporting MediCinema?

Cineworld is supporting MediCinema in a number of different ways. Customer donations can be made by topping up at the cinema till and donations can also be made when customers purchase tickets online or in the Cineworld app. 

Cineworld also plays host to special MediCinema screenings including the recent one for fantasy blockbuster Dungeons and Dragons: Honour Among Thieves. Our screens and foyers are used extensively to advertise the charity, and by showing the MediCinema ident on screen, we raise awareness of MediCinema's role. We also encourage Cineworld customers to donate directly on the MediCinema website, via digital advertising, the Cineworld website and via email.


Where can I donate to MediCinema?

Hit the link in the button below to send your donation.



Where can I find out more about MediCinema?

Click here for more information.