Get a FREE ICEE when you book to see NOPE in IMAX

Oscar-winning horror maestro Jordan Peele returns to Cineworld this August with his eagerly anticipated new movie, NOPE.

Following the sensational success of Get Out and Us, Peele casts his net even wider. This mysterious and visually extravagant movie explores what happens when UFO phenomena are visited upon an African-American Hollywood horse trainer (Get Out's Daniel Kaluuya) and his sister (Lightyear's Keke Palmer).

Furthermore, did you spot the presence of thirst-quenching ICEE in the film's trailer?


Here’s Peele himself on the set wearing his very own ICEE t-shirt.


We're combining IMAX and ICEE for a seriously cool Cineworld offer that celebrates one of this summer's hottest properties.

What is the NOPE IMAX ICEE offer?

From Friday August 12th, all customers who purchase a ticket for NOPE in IMAX and attend that screening will be able to claim a free regular ICEE. This offer is available at all 25 Cineworld IMAX locations nationwide.

How do I claim my free IMAX ICEE?

To collect your ICEE, simply present your valid IMAX NOPE ticket at the snacks counter in your chosen Cineworld Cinema from August 12th.

Our Cineworld staff members have replicated the signature look of the characters on the NOPE poster. You'll notice that each person is clutching their ICEE while sitting in the Cineworld Sheffield IMAX auditorium. 

Check out the images below to see our staffers gazing up at... well, something. Of course, we can't tell you exactly what it is!

 Cineworld staff members mimic Nope movie posterCineworld staff members mimic Nope movie posterCineworld staff members mimic Nope movie poster 

Additionally, at Cineworld Leicester Square we've colourised the exterior IMAX sign to match the distinctive primary colours from the IMAX logo in the NOPE poster. This is a global first for IMAX, so scroll down and take a look at the artwork.


Check out our fun ICEE IMAX video that intercuts the Cineworld staff reactions with the NOPE trailer. Are you brave enough to look up?

How has NOPE been filmed in IMAX?

NOPE has been captured with 15/65mm IMAX film cameras. It's the first Jordan Peele movie to take advantage of IMAX's immersive capabilities, courtesy of Christopher Nolan's regular cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema. IMAX is set to lend extra clarity and an all-encompassing sense of terror to Peele's latest vision, further adding to that deliciously entertaining sense of unease.

Check out the following still of Peele utilising the IMAX camera on the NOPE set. And scroll down even further to watch the fascinating behind-the-scenes video exploring how he captured the movie in IMAX.



Where can I book my Cineworld IMAX tickets for NOPE?

Click here to book your IMAX tickets for NOPE. The movie opens in Cineworld cinemas on August 12th.


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