Horror sensation M3GAN arrives at local Cineworld cinemas across the UK

Have you met M3GAN yet? The killer doll is scaring up a storm on the big screen at Cineworld, to the extent that the M3GAN sequel has already been confirmed.

The M3GAN dance has now passed into meme-worthy legend and local Cineworld staff members have been picking up the baton. Can they possibly match the horror icon's moves? Watch the following video from Cineworld Isle of Wight and judge for yourself.


In fact, M3GAN has taken over Cineworlds across the UK. We've rounded up some of our favourite moments, beginning with the classic dead-eyed M3GAN stare from Cineworld Newcastle.

The M3GAN cosplay is out in full force at Cineworld Bedford.

And it looks like M3GAN has officially infiltrated the team at Cineworld Bedford...

M3GAN tucks into her favorite snacks and drinks at Cineworld Chesterfield.

And at Cineworld High Wycombe, the horror sensation meets her own self-portrait. We wonder what's going through her head...


M3GAN is on release now at Cineworld and we want to see your costume ideas. Tweet us your own M3GAN memes and poses @Cineworld.