Labyrinth sequel coming from Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson

It's not the power of voodoo: we are getting a Labyrinth sequel, reports Deadline. It seems that Doctor Strange's Scott Derrickson will be helming, having stepped aside on the forthcoming Marvel sequel In The Multiverse of Madness. (That film will instead be directed by Sam Raimi.)

Cult classic Labyrinth was released back in 1986 (yes, it hurts, but it's true) and featured the late, great David Bowie as the Goblin King. Adept of hip and big of hair, Bowie made a strong impression as the film's villain, although Jennifer Connelly was the real star.

Then in the formative years of her career, Connelly played Sarah, a 16-year-old girl compelled to venture into the labyrinth to rescue her baby brother. Directed by The Dark Crystal filmmaker Jim Henson, the movie was initially something of a flop, but its profile has improved in recent years, not least because of the mystique surrounding Bowie himself.

The film's quintessentially '80s creature effects are accompanied by a catalogue of Bowie classics, including 'Magic Dance'. His absence in the sequel, currently named Into the Labyrinth, will acutely felt. Nevertheless, Derrickson has enlisted screenwriter Maggie Levin, responsible for writing Jason Blum's anthology series Into the Dark, to flesh out a new story.

There's no word yet on whether Connelly will return, or what the release date is. Watch this space and tweet us your reactions to the news @Cineworld.