Meet the masters of horror behind M3GAN

New horror movie M3GAN, on release at Cineworld this week, is a blast of satirical, nasty, campy fun. In fact, it's been so successful that a M3GAN sequel is said to be in the works.

Fuse the living doll menace of Child's Play with the humour of the satirical adverts from RoboCop, topped off with a surprisingly affecting story of grief, and you have M3GAN.

The movie assembles a top-flight pedigree of horror veterans. James Wan, of Saw and Insidious fame, collaborates with Jason Blum of the Blumhouse label (Get Out; Halloween; Happy Death Day) to bring us the story of a child's robotic companion gone rogue.

Wan and Blum team with New Zealand director Gerard Johnstone whose 2014 chiller Housebound ably mixed dark comedy with big scares. On scripting duties: Akela Cooper who wrote Wan's enjoyably insane 2021 horror movie Malignant.

In front of the camera, we have Get Out's Allison Williams as toy developer Gemma. She enlists the help of her new M3GAN prototype android to help her grieving niece Cady (Violet McGraw) through the sudden loss of her parents. 

It's a feast of talented individuals who more than know how to scare us. Get to grips with the assemblage of horror experts in the following behind-the-scenes look at M3GAN.


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