Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors talk Creed III and the Creed legacy

Creed III deals with the weight of history in the only way it knows how: sporting a pair of boxing gloves and an almighty injection of testosterone. Michael B. Jordan doubles up as star and first-time director in this extension of the epic boxing franchise, which throws his character Adonis 'Donnie' Creed into his most personal fight so far.

With Donnie now at the peak of his powers, having been schooled by the currently absent Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone), Donnie comes face to face with a friend from his past. Damian (Jonathan Majors) has come out of a long stretch in prison and feels he's been denied a shot at a proper life. 

Resentful of Donnie's success, Damian vows to challenge him in the ring. However, it's clear that Donnie's real battle is with himself, and with the legacy set down by his late father, Rocky's deceased friend Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers). It's time to exorcise his personal demons on the canvas while fighting Damian for supremacy. 

Go behind the scenes in the following video and discover how the importance of family history is about to be taken to the next level. 


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