Missing: new poster and featurettes for the riveting phone-footage thriller

You've heard of the found-footage movie, but what about the phone-footage movie? That's what Missing is, a gripping and suspenseful nail-biter that plays out entirely via hand-held devices. The movie has its Unlimited screening on February 1st prior to releasing later in the month, and you shouldn't expect to have fingernails left come the end.

Storm Reid (The Suicide Squad) plays a young woman named June whose mother goes missing in Colombia with her new boyfriend. Only the parent's phone, internet and app history can possibly reveal what's happened, leading to a shocking and twisty series of events rendered even more claustrophobic via the screen presentation.

Here's the new poster for Missing.

Missing movie poster


As if that wasn't enough, here are two new 'vignettes' teasing the paranoid atmosphere of the movie. Check them out below and get a sense of the riddle lurking at the heart of Missing.


Don't forget to book your tickets for your Unlimited screening of Missing on February 1st. The movie goes on wide release on February 24th.