Mortal Kombat trailer: expect fatalities aplenty in new Warner Bros trailer

Back in 1995, the classic video game Mortal Kombat made the transition to the big screen. Although a box office hit, the movie was somewhat neutered by its PG-13 rating. What's the point of a big-screen Liu Kang if he can't properly open the taps?

Fortunately, Warner Bros have retaliated with their trailer for the Mortal Kombat reboot – and there are gory fatalities aplenty. Produced by Saw and Insidious filmmaker James Wan, the movie traverses the globe with a group of characters destined to take part in a do-or-die death-match. Each person is earmarked by singular abilities, all of which spell pain for their opponent. 

Centrally, the story focuses on Cole Young (Lewis Tan), a fighter who's been marked with a mysterious symbol. This brings him into contact with a host of other individuals, including the aforementioned warrior Liu Kang (Ludi Lin) and heart-ripping Aussie mercenary Kano (Josh Lawson). They must collectively battle the forces of the ruthless Outworld Emperor Shang Tsung (The Dark Knight's Shin Han), namely his mysterious chief enforcer Sub-Zero (Joe Taslim).

Yes, this is a Mortal Kombat movie, and that's how we like it. The original game series generated plenty of controversy over its grisly thrills and this new movie looks pleasingly faithful to the format. The legacy of movies based on or around video games is famously spotty (the recent likes of Jumanji being a rare exception), so can this eviscerate the naysayers? 

We'll find out when Mortal Kombat is (supposedly) released in 2021. It's got a release date of April 16th, but that could well change. Tweet us @Cineworld if you can't wait to see it. And don't forget to check out the brand new Sonic 2 artwork, ahead of the film's release in 2022.