Expect prehistoric thrills aplenty in Walking With Dinosaurs: The 3D Movie

Epic animation Walking With Dinosaurs: The 3D Movie is out now in Cineworld.

This dino-sized extravaganza explores the adventures of plucky young Patchi (a Pachyrhinosaurus voiced by Justin Long) and his friend Alex (an Alexnornis bird, voiced by John Leguizamo). Their world is one filled with jaw-dropping sights and dangers, including the terrifying, razor-toothed Gorgon (a Gorgosaurus) – who's always on the lookout for his next meal!

So what is it about dinosaurs that continues to fascinate audiences? "Dinosaurs are the most amazing creatures to have ever existed on our planet," says the film's co-director Neil Nightingale. "In four and a half billion years of Earth’s existence, there have been no creatures that are more dramatic or terrifying. Dinosaurs fascinate us because they represent a sort of safe danger. You can be scared of them but not too scared because they are long gone."

With a storyline that's both educational and entertaining, photo-realistic effects and 3D technology that will no doubt have viewers lunging out of the way of a rampaging Gorgosaurus, the film could possibly be a highlight of the Christmas movie season. What do you think? Share a comment with us.

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