The new Napoleon trailer teases November's must-see historical epic

When Ridley Scott goes big, it means big. The famed director of Alien, Blade Runner and Gladiator now stages a truly vast and engulfing portrayal of the infamous French leader Napoleon Bonaparte in Napoleon.

Scott is well-versed in the art of the Napoleonic war movie. In 1977, he made his feature film debut with the painterly The Duellists, although his new movie focused on the legendary figure who instigated the term 'Napoleonic'.

The title character is played by the characteristically intense Joaquin Phoenix who was apparently so into the role that Scott had screenwriter David Scarpa adjust the material to fit the actor's strengths. That's what you get when you cast the Joker in a period movie and of course, Scott and Phoenix already collaborated to Oscar-nominated effect on Gladiator.

Napoleon traverses Bonaparte's militaristic successes and triumphs including his eventual marriage to Josephine (Vanessa Kirby). From Egypt to the Russian front, the movie possesses all the physical qualities we expect from a Ridley Scott movie. Here's the new trailer.

Are you prepared for this winter's must-see historical epic? Napoleon fills the screen at Cineworld from November 22nd, so if you want to find out more, click the link below and go behind the scenes.