Parasite: book now for your Cineworld Unlimited screening

Acclaimed South Korean thriller Parasite has been nominated for multiple Oscars at the forthcoming Academy Awards. The movie has already made history by being nominated for Best Picture and Best International Feature – the first South Korean cinema production to receive accolades in either category. And while we await the movie's potential Oscar success, Cineworld Unlimited members have the opportunity to watch it in advance.

Snowpiercer director Bong Joon-ho's new movie is the darkly funny story of a poor family that infiltrates the lives of a wealthier brood – with dire consequences. The film mixes the director's characteristic black comedy with a lacerating, incisive look at the modern-day class divide, keeping audiences on tenterhooks as to the final outcome. 

Parasite has been greeted with critical acclaim: Vulture's David Edelstein raves, "What keeps you rapt in Parasite is the visual wit — every shot distills the movie’s themes — and the richness of the characters and performances."

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And your Unlimited journey continues with a special preview screening of Greed. The chameleonic Steve Coogan reunites with 24 Hour Party People director Michael Winterbottom for the story of disgustingly rich businessman Richard 'Greedy' McCreadie. If you thought Alan Partridge was annoying, just wait until you meet Coogan's memorably monstrous new creation – nothing less than the face of capitalism gone mad.

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