Pearl is declared a star by attendees at our Cineworld Unlimited screening

Are you ready to meet Pearl? The psycho in the making, as memorably played by Mia Goth, now shines brightly in director Ti West's prequel to his hit slasher horror X. Whereas the latter took place at the seedy end of the 1970s, Pearl throws the story back to the early 20th century, aping the visually opulent look of genre masters like Douglas Sirk and Alfred Hitchcock.

It's at this point we meet the eponymous Pearl, the prospective serial killer who, many decades later, will end up tormenting and murdering a porno film crew. Pearl aspires to be a big-screen star and escape her life of drudgery on her family farm; however, circumstances conspire to throw our title character off the straight and narrow, setting in motion a series of horrific and violent events.

In its pastiche of early Hollywood, Pearl is a witty and playful experience. As a portrayal of psychological freefall, it's shocking and engrossing with another fearless performance from Goth. In fact, West and Goth will be completing the arc with the upcoming MaXXXine, which takes place after the events of X. 

In the meantime, here's what Unlimited audiences thought of Pearl based on last night's advance screening.


If you missed the screening, you can come face to face with Pearl at Cineworld from March 17th.


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