Oscar-winning movie Everything Everywhere All At Once returns to Cineworld

Everything Everywhere All At Once has become the toast of this year's Oscars ceremony. The dazzling multiversal adventure scooped seven Academy Awards, including the coveted Best Picture, so what better way to celebrate than with a big-screen reunion at Cineworld?

The Daniels' bold, funny and moving fantasy is back on the big screen this week, showing on March 14th and 16th. Much like Oscar-winner Michelle Yeoh's character in the movie, you need to take advantage of what little time you have and re-experience this remarkable feat of conceptual imagination.

Made on a mere budget of $20 million, the movie catapults you through several variations of Yeoh's main character Evelyn. She's a dissatisfied laundromat owner facing an imminent tax audit (courtesy of Oscar-winner Jamie Lee Curtis).

However, this soon becomes a striking allegory for parental relationships when Evelyn's estranged daughter Joy (Stephanie Hsu) manifests a demonic multiverse variation named Jobu Tupaki, a universe-destroying creation that only Evelyn is capable of stopping. Her mission: to unite her various multiversal personalities and prevent the annihilation of all things.

Throw in the presence of Indiana Jones and The Goonies favourite Ke-Huy Quan (yet another Oscar-winner) as Evelyn's seemingly dull yet forever loyal husband Waymond, and you have a plethora of memorable ingredients that demand the cinematic experience. The breakneck editing (including some infinitesimal micro-montages), hotdog fingers and stunningly well-staged martial arts fight sequences (including an unforgettable bum bag scrap) are the icing on the cake.

Check out the trailer again and then click here to book your tickets for Everything Everywhere All At Once. The movie returns to Cineworld cinemas on March 14th and March 16th.